Watch Me

Just this week, I’ve heard the following advice from colleagues, senior directors, and peers.

“I’ve tried that, it won’t work.”

“You can’t keep up that pace.”

“It won’t work for you because I know someone that tried that and failed.”

In the past week, I’ve heard similar thoughts from my own mind.

“Maybe I’m expecting too much.”

“If this guy tried it and it failed…how can I expect a different result?”

“I’m terrible at this task…maybe I should quit while I’m ahead.”

Every time I hear it, the disbelief and doubt, whether from well-intentioned advisers or from within my own mind, I smile.

Because I know what’s coming. It’s starts as a whisper and grows exponentially louder.

That inner voice that says, Watch me.”

Find the voice in your own mind. Encourage and embolden it with small successes. Make that voice believe once again. Much of the time the obstacles you face are illusory and fade with the morning sun.

And mornings are made for people like you.

People who smile and say, Watch me.”


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