We need less integrity (so please lie, cheat, and steal)

Overheard last week:

“I can’t do this job wearing fall protection. Don’t you know we’re in the military?”

“I have to work until I’m 65, what else would I do with myself?”

“I’m terrible at math.”

“I’m unlucky.”

“I need carbonation in my drink for lunch.”

They’re called self-limiting beliefs and they rob us of our dreams.

But since we’re people of integrity, we hold fast. We believe one thing and must therefore act accordingly. Need carbonation? Get that soda. Can’t wear fall protection? Then by all means live up to your own standard and go hide that harness.

Stop. Give yourself the gift of less integrity.

Lie to yourself. (You are unlucky but not today)

Cheat and don’t live up to that (false) standard. (You are terrible at math, but not today)

Steal back your dreams. (Put down that soda and pick up that PFAS)


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