Weather or Not

During in-processing at my fourth military assignment (RAF Mildenhall, United Kingdom), a British local advised the audience to “Not wait for a sunny day to explore the country, but simply go, rain or shine.”

So in our off-duty time, we explored. And it was, more often than not, cloudy, rainy, misty, drizzly, foggy, and murky. Yet it didn’t keep us from Edinburgh Castle, Loch Ness, Dorset, Cornwall, nor the Lake District.

Many others would wait. They’d wait for a sunny weekend. Or otherwise rationalize the day away to other (indoor) pursuits.

And so it goes for the EHS professional. In this work, it will rain. The path ahead will get misty and murky. And many afternoons the fog won’t burn off.

Remember, “weather or not” you must show up. Sun, clouds, or rain.

Therein lies the difference between the professional and the casual passerby.


NOTE: A colleague sits for their CIH exam tomorrow. He’s studied constantly (whether or not he’s felt like it all the time). Proud of him.


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