What can Military Pilots teach Safety Professionals?

What can pilots teach the safety professional? Plenty! Here’s what I’ve learned about becoming a better EHS pro from my time with Air Force pilots.

1. Build a framework for your important work: Pilots practice. In the simulator, on the ground, in the air, and during tabletop exercises. They know what to do because they’ve built a mental framework over thousands of hours. The best safety pros go into inspections, investigations, and even meetings having already thought through the sequence. It works in the F-22…and in EHS as well.

2. Debrief: Post-flight debriefs are how pilots build excellence. What went right? What went wrong? And what were you thinking when you pulled right? Safety pros also improve when they share, both the good and the bad. Learning comes easier when you create culture where it’s OK to debrief.

“Remember that when everything seems against you, an airplane takes off against the wind.” – Anonymous



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