What Did You Expect?

I was in the last month of fifth grade when my report card came.

There were low grades and then there were mine.

It was the year I’d stopped doing homework. My grades reflected this lack of effort. When my dad saw my dismay regarding the grades, he asked, “What did you expect?”

My father taught me that actions (or a lack of any action) have consequences.

-When we complain that our bodies are tired and don’t work like the used to, but we rarely find time to exercise…what did we expect?

-When we aren’t promoted, yet refuse to put in the effort to study, improve, or create other positive change…what did we expect?

-When EHS professionals exist to point out problems and the innumerable errors made by others, and aren’t appreciated…what did we expect?

-When life appears to fly by, but we cannot pause for a moment to reflect, appreciate, prioritize, and move ahead…what did we expect?

The fifth grader inside of me still recoils at homework, but is reminded by every sunrise that actions have consequences.

Make this sunrise count.


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