What Don’t You Do?

Mark Zuckerburg gave the commencement address to Harvard this week. As a college drop-out, he told the graduates that if he finished the speech, it’d be the first thing he actually finished at the school.

Sometimes it’s what you don’t do in life that makes the difference. Quitting one thing (or more) allows you to do more of what matters and less of what doesn’t.

While in no way a Zuckerburg, when people see my own schedule, some wonder how I fit it all in. Maybe the secret is the huge amount of things I don’t do…even normal things…that allows me to do what I do best?

I don’t ski, watch more than an hour of TV per week, mow the lawn, fix the sink (I rent so it’s easy), attend every work function, finish every book I start, check work email more than three times per day, go to bed past 8:30p.m., sleep in past 3 a.m., begin without a to-do list, play fantasy football or NCAA brackets, know how to knit, sky-dive, play video games, sail, or know why they make decaf coffee.

I used to do some of these things (No, I didn’t knit). Then someone asked me why.

So I quit.

What don’t you do? What could you do less of to make room for what you do best?

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