What I Learned in Uganda

Several years ago, I traveled to Entebbe, Uganda to teach mishap investigations to the Ugandan People’s Defence Force.

For a week, in a room next to the building famous for a hostage rescue 40 years previous, we engaged with pilots and maintenance officers and shared our experiences.

I learned that bugs can be so thick you cannot breathe. There is a spider with a name which translates to “burns like fire”. To become comfortable surrounded by people carrying machetes. Buildings are built with bamboo scaffolding and deep holes really can be dug without shielding. Monkeys steal anything and when they howl at 2 am it’s still amazing.

And even in these conditions, people want to be safe. The people that we met, whose laundry was done in a stream by hand and who dreamed of their own car, wanted to be safe at work.

Not for a bonus or a reduced experience modifier. But for a family waiting at home. To see their kids and wife again. To live.


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