What If Everybody Did This?

After high school, one of the many career paths I chose to explore was being a night shift attendant at a gas station. One particularly slow night, I was reading a book in between customers and a man entered. He watched as I put down the book and greeted him. He told me he sold real estate and gave me a book recommendation that, in his words, would “change my life”.

Being a wise soul at 17 years, I openly wondered about this. He just smiled.

The next day, I drove to the library and checked the book out. Three days later, I’d finished the book and the man walked into the gas station again.

I held up the book. “These career and business ideas are great. It’s very motivating and this guy knows what he’s talking about. But what if everyone does this? What if everyone runs their business like this? Uses this type of advertising? Selects these clients? Gets up this early and looks for these deals? Finances deals in this way?”

He laughed. “They won’t.” He put an emphasis on “they” as he spoke. “They think it’s too hard. That it’s not necessary. That it requires luck. That success is fated to others.”

Get up early. Work smarter and harder than anyone you know. Refuse to compromise your dreams. Believe in a better tomorrow because of what you do today.

Because everybody else won’t.


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