What If You Spent Time With Them?

Your company is too big. And even if it were smaller, your schedule wouldn’t permit it.

In this case, the “them” are the workers and other customers who depend on your team for a safe place to work.

We engineer processes, checklists, and workflows, coordinate on acquisitions from scaffolding to lift equipment, and review blueprints. And every time we leave the office, we see something wrong. That worker stepped over that safety railing. That one isn’t using a harness. That one just invented a new way to load a Bobcat onto a truck (you might have seen the YouTube video?)

So we stop leaving the office.

We attend conferences on analyzing root cause and human behavior and leave hoping a better checklist, workflow, or “accountability” is the answer.

What if we spent time with them? Included them in the checklist design? Solved site access issues with them? Invented a better Bobcat loading method with them (one which was fast and didn’t include jumping the vehicle)?

What if our time out of the office was spent on solving problems instead of documenting “hazards” (normal human behavior)?

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