What if your work disappeared tomorrow?

When days in EHS feel like endless to-do lists, separated by various last-minute emergencies, and bookended by meetings, program evaluations, and quarterly reports, I find it easy to imagine it all disappearing.

And priorities once again become clear.

What if you walked into your office tomorrow and found no trace of EHS in your company? Your desk is gone. No programs. No compliance. No OSHA posters and no one remembers the last time your company had a safety director.

It’s all gone.

But your CEO sees you and thinks you might be useful. She read somewhere that safety is important, and while she’s not sure why, she hires you.

What’s the first thing you do? What’s the single thing you would do to make the biggest impact that first day? The first week?

Write down a few ideas.

Compare this very short list with your to-do list from yesterday and the day before. Are they similar?

If they aren’t…are you doing what matters?

Or have your priorities drifted from what makes the biggest impact to what makes the time pass by quickly?


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