What Is More Important Than Safety (Nearly Everything)

Nearly everything is more important than safety.

-We fly aircraft to fight and win wars, not to just fly 40 tons of carbon and aluminum at mach speeds.

-We build bridges and tunnels to move people and cargo, not to just dig holes wearing a hi-vis vest.

-We invest in retirement accounts for tomorrow’s adventures, not to enjoy less today.

What vision does your team have?

If it’s one of compliance for compliance sake, it is a battle you will lose.

Daniel Pink, the author of “Drive”, tells a story of three masons. When asked what they are doing, the first mutters, “Hammering a stupid rock and can’t wait to go home.” The second replies, “Forming a stone to lay in this wall, it’s not bad work.” The third answers, staring at the sky, “I…am building a cathedral.”

Nearly everything is more important than safety.

Are you and your team hammering rocks…or building cathedrals?


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