What is THE Priority?

Your body will do many things today.

For example, mine just ran a few miles. Later I’ll bike to work, walk up and down stairs, eat, speak, type and undertake many other physical tasks. Each accomplished according to priority.

What is your priority?

If you were to sit with your team this morning and asked “What’s our number one priority this week?”, and had each write the priority on a piece of paper…would they be in sync?

If you work by yourself and you looked back at yesterday’s activities (the things you accomplished), would your number one priority be evident to an outside observer?

Take a moment to clarify THE priority.

Tell your team. And check in with them to make sure their activities match this priority.

Put it at the top of your to-do list or your monitor.

What you prioritize gets done.

Everything else is an accident.

Everything else can (and must) wait.


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