What Woodstock Can Teach Safety Professionals

In August of 1969, a half a million people converged on a dairy farm in upstate New York to celebrate music and love.

It’s too easy in the safety profession to forget how important love is to what we do. Compliance, systems, processes, charts, and metrics pervade our days.

Brené Brown, author of “Daring Greatly”, cautions parents against this as well. She noted when her child came into the room she immediately judged and criticized. Were they wearing the right clothes? Were they wearing any clothes? Were they listening enough? And she found that she never smiled…just sat in judgment. I’ve failed here too.

What about in safety? When we visit with employees, do we judge first? Do we find cracks in systems and act as scowling parents…even with good intentions?

Or act with love? Complimenting on what is done well? Encouraging more of what is working…while supporting in all areas?

What if we approached the day with a bit more Woodstock?


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