What would it look like?

In high school, there are the students who get it. They act as if the quality of their work matters. They study, persist through the tough subjects, commit to a goal, and are flexible learners.

I was not such a student.

My grades reflected an immature perspective which held that school wasn’t serious and that my work did not matter.

One of the greatest lessons I’d learn after high school is that we can change our own perspective. I began to ask myself, “What would it look like if this mattered?”

By asking this one question, I changed my approach to nearly everything.

What would it look like if this job mattered? I’d show up early, have initiative, perform at a high level, and be the last to leave.

What would it look like if physical fitness mattered? I’d have a schedule, a few goals, make it a daily habit, and eat only foods that nourish my body.

What parts of your life are you treating as if they don’t matter?

What would it look like if it (the person next to you, this job, your life) mattered? 


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