What’s Your Default Face?

From across the banquet hall, she looked at me and glared. Then rolled her head back in a lighthearted laugh. I’d been reminded.

‘She” is one of the top ten senior enlisted leaders in the Air Force. And years ago, when we first met, she asked me if I always looked like that.

Like what?

My default face has been described as:

– “Like you wondered why I was in the meeting.”

– “I thought you didn’t want me to speak.”

– “You’re angry…are you angry with me?”

I don’t mean it. In nearly every situation, I’m constantly thinking. And my face sort of scowls.

So now I smile (but apparently not all the time).

For the guy who was voted in high school as the “Class Clown” (and “Worst Driver”…that’s a different story), smiling is easy.

So I’m doing some reflection and working on my face.

What’s your default?


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