When Character Is Revealed

George Patton said, “Pressure makes diamonds.”

Pressure also reveals character.

When your key metrics are healthy, your programs are in full compliance, and profits are up, it’s easy to share the credit, inspire teamwork, share resources, and dream big.

But who are you when the going gets tough?

Marathons and ruck marches are microcosms of stress revealing character.

Before the start, everyone is hopeful. This one will be easy. With these new shoes, this backpack, this method of training, this 26.2 miles will be a breeze.

Ten miles in, small aches form. But most participants keep their smiles.

Fourteen miles in and the mind says “it’d be so much better if you quit.” And some do.

Twenty miles in. Smiles are gone and character comes out. New gear is forgotten as blisters are repaired. The quitters have left and the race belongs to the strong (or at least the persistent).

Twenty-four and each step is felt. The training you did (or didn’t do) is now paying off. Each step is felt.

Twenty-six and smiles return. This smile is earned. It’s a smile that knows pressure and success.

And it sparkles like a diamond.


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