When Goals Fail: Alternative Planning For People Who Hate Goal-Setting

Another annual meeting and another slide deck filled with the annual goal review! This will change everything!

Here’s the truth.

Of the people in the room, 50% know you hadn’t reviewed these goals until last week, when you quickly updated the graphs with the promise of future work. Another 20% actually believe you and 30% are pretending to listen while updating their annual slides.

Here are three alternatives to the annual goal-setting insanity.

1. Create a 10-year narrative: Debbie Millman explains how this short exercise changed her life (1:47 video link)

2. Why 12 weeks often works best: Author Brian Moran’s insightful book on why sprinting works best. Download the free planner here.

3. Growth without Goals: Portfolio manager Patrick O’Shaughnessy’s essay on eliminating goals and focusing on daily practice (10 min. read.)



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