When There is No Hope

“When there’s no hope in the future, there’s no power in the present.” – John Maxwell

There was a boy raised in a poor rural town. It still ranks in the bottom 20% in the state for income. Teachers described him as precocious, which was a nice way of saying headstrong and disruptive. In first-grade he threw a crayon at the teacher. In fifth-grade he stopped doing homework and in high school was suspended multiple times. He was fired from his first job at 16 and wore handcuffs for an evening at age 17. He was turned down from enlisting in the Navy due to an “unscrupulous” record.

Then hope arrived. (Or at least he finally listened.)

His father believed in him.

The Air Force recruiter did too.

As did his first supervisor.

And belief gave him hope. And a future.

And today that boy awoke to write this post.

So don’t you dare give up on your future.

Listen for the hope. It’s there, waiting for you to hear it.

Your future is now.


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