When You Cannot See The Path, Step Forward

After high school, I applied to an art school in Georgia. Due to a fantastically lucky ACT score and a below-average portfolio, I received a full-scholarship offer. For one year.

My mind tumbled. What would I do after the first year? How would I pay tuition, books, supplies, let alone room and board?

So I turned it down.

On a recent climb up Mount Baldy (outside of Los Angeles), I was reminded of the lesson in this story.

At no point on the 7.2 mile (one-way) hike can one see more than 100 yards to the front. Some of the time, the summit can be seen, other times it’s obstructed by trees and weather. The hiker must trust that the path is there. The hiker learns to step forward.

I didn’t trust the path with the one-year full-ride scholarship.

Later I’d learn the best paths cannot be seen, they must be explored.

When the fog rolls in and the trees make the path ahead invisible, remember to breathe.

And step forward.

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