Where Does the Time Go?


In EHS, time flies. Calm mornings end with frantic phone calls and perfectly prioritized plans are replaced by meetings, hazards, assessments, and investigations.

The day comes to an end, leaving you with two new undone projects and frustrated with an overall lack of progress in any area.

But the time goes somewhere.

Getting a handle on where you spend your time is the first step toward the progress you desire (and need).

Try this.

David Seah created the “Emergent Task Timer” or ETT for reactionary and distracting jobs. In other words, perfect for EHS. (Free to download and print at this link) In David’s words, “ETT is designed to provide maximum insight with a minimum of data entry. It’s useful not only for time analysis, but for timesheet logging too. You’ll see the patterns of your day emerge as you use the form; there’s no need to add-up numbers or process the data any further.”

Looking for other productivity tools? Check out David’s site here.

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