Whitewash-A Perspective on Life

Tom Sawyer skipped school to swim and the next day his aunt assigned him the job of whitewashing the front fence as punishment. In Mark Twain’s classic tale, Tom persuades his friends to trade treasured objects, like kites and tin soldiers, for the chance to help with the fence.

How? He assigns value to the task by describing just how lucky a boy is to be able to whitewash a fence.

What are you able to do today? What jobs do you view as tedious, menial, or even boring that others would give their prized possessions to be able to do?

Whether it’s a stable job that pays well, the opportunity to parent children, or your own version of whitewashing the fence, how you choose to embrace it (the job or this life) means everything.

Want to go deeper on the subject? Take a moment to watch Lisa Kristine’s TED talk on modern-day slavery. It is 19:21 minutes and I promise you’ll think differently afterwards.

What will you whitewash today?

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