Who Could Solve This Problem?

You know the problem.

And maybe you don’t even call it a problem…maybe you elegantly refer to it as a challenge or opportunity. Or maybe you’ve grown so accustomed to the problem that it’s now like living room furniture…it’s taken for granted and blends into the background.

Someone once told me that a problem is only a problem when you don’t have enough people involved.

But who to ask?

Here are two ways to get more people involved and change up your living room furniture.

Ask a dead person: Seriously. Read a few biographies of people who’ve overcome tremendous odds. Need to solve complex, wicked challenges? Read Frederick Douglass and George Washington Carver. Need to get through a tough time? Read Ernest Shackleton and Anne Frank. Need to believe again? Read Theodore Roosevelt and Viktor Frankl.

Get outside of EHS: Organizational silos are bad. Industry and career field silos are sometimes worse. If Detroit and auto manufacturing can be revolutionized by Silicon Valley and IT, what can another industry do for EHS and your issue?

Who can solve your problem?

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