Why Do You Say “Bless You”?

Don’t wait for the sneeze

“Bless you!”

The gesture, in response to someone sneezing, is almost reflexive. We pass the words to friends, acquaintances, and strangers in passing. And in a world of everyone staring intently at their 2”x 3” screens…the words “bless you” connect two people for a moment. It shows that you care (even for a second) and that the other person is noticed and respected. We’ve said it for years (yet nearly none of us truly believe that evils spirits enter the body during a sneeze.)

Stopping to connect is even more important today. Saying “hi”, asking how someone is doing (and waiting for the answer while looking in their eyes), saying “please” and “thank you”, and “bless you” are ways to reach out to others. Maybe even more important than reacting with an emoji or putting a hash tag before your latest feeling.

Don’t wait for the sneeze. Connect, care, and consider others.

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