Why Electrical Plugs Have Holes

“The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong in the broken places.” – Ernest Hemingway

Have you ever looked at an electrical plug (in the U.S.) and noticed the two holes in the blades?

Ever wondered why the holes are there?

I have. My framework through which I see the world demands reason, logic, and often unattainable perfection.

The site “How Stuff Works” says the holes are there because on inside of an electrical outlet there are detents. Those detents grab the plug and keep it firmly in place. If the holes weren’t there and the prongs were “perfect”, the plug would be loose and fall out of the socket.

Just like electrical prongs, people aren’t perfect. People have holes too – their own collections of experiences, failures, and personality quirks. These qualities may look and feel like weaknesses, but their function is to help us grab on when life gets tough. Our holes become our strengths. The person without holes simply quits and gives up.

The next time you plug something in, remember why the holes are there.

Remember why, like Hemingway writes, we are stronger in the broken places.

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