Why I Thought About Throwing Away Our Safety Training

“Why does a safety professional succeed? And what do the best (top 1%) do better?”

A colleague and I discussed these points last week. And afterwards, I wanted to toss our career field training plan in the trash.

Our current system consists of levels of training; focused on compliance, investigations, and the management of programs.

Combine these and you get the average professional.

What if you put the best pros together and ask what makes them that way…what do you get?

One quality resounds.

They are excellent communicators.

They speak eloquently and with passion. They write clearly and concisely. They actively listen and respond appropriately. They know when, where, and to whom to communicate.

That’s it.


If you pick one quality to improve on this year, make it this one. And get feedback.

Together, let’s work on our own training plans. Because just knowing the rules of compliance never made anyone safer at work.


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