Why I Unplugged My Second Monitor Today

While traveling lately, I’ve noticed that the explosion of dual monitors has reached nearly every knowledge worker.

Oh, the siren’s call of doing and seeing more, less opening of applications, and more work done! Dual screens are now continually filled with Office, Facebook, LinkedIn, Chrome, and My Documents.

Yet our “to-do” lists grow. And the important things remain undone.

And I have (had) dual screens. I should have known better. I’ve read (and loved) “The One Thing”, “Essentialism”, and “So Good They Can’t Ignore You”. Each chided against multi-tasking and the productivity-killing attention residue left behind.

But I had excuses. I’d tell myself that for my job, I needed two screens. After all, I have more capacity than just one program or one task…right?


So this morning I unplugged.

And while there are one or two tasks I do that are best suited for two screens, I’ll find another way.

And focus on the important one thing.


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