Why I Will Not Give You a Job Recommendation

“Being positive in a negative situation is not naïve, its leadership.” – Ralph Marston

You have years of experience, an undergrad degree, and a certification in your field. But I won’t give you a recommendation for your next job. Here’s why.

Ryan Deiss, CEO of DigitalMarketer, frequently says that he hires for two qualities, both of which cannot be taught.

Give-a-damn and empathy.

(And although I’d differ with Ryan that empathy can certainly be improved, we’re in lock step on give-a-damn.)

Give-a-damn means you care. It means you care enough that even when the job seems bigger than you, you grab ahold of it. Even when it’s beyond your job description, you find a way to improve it, fix it, and solve the challenge. It means you find a way to get the necessary training and don’t wait around for the company to train you. Give-a-damn drives forward and pushes through the darkest day.

Empathy is when you can appreciate or share the emotions of others. Different than sympathy, empathy is an awareness of others and your effect on those around you. Empathy, at its best, is shown when you can self-regulate emotions, change your presentation method to your audience, remain flexible under stress, and maintain a high-level perspective when all seems lost.

There is no experience, degree, certification, resume, CV, portfolio, or pedigree that can make up for a lack of these two qualities.

Do you give-a-damn?


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