Why People Leave Your Company

You train them, they leave.

You pay them well, they move on.

You give them experiences, they now work for your competition.

David Novak, executive chairman of YUM! Brands and author of several books including “O Great One“, teaches that employees leave companies for two main reasons.

One, they leave because they do not feel appreciated nor recognized.

Secondly, they do not get along with their boss.

It’s not the money, the vacation policy, the health benefits, the free snacks in the foyer, or the endless meetings (for the most part).

EHS pros are literally professionals at noticing their environment. Use it for good! Recognize positive (and negative when warranted) behaviors, methods, and attitudes and do it every day. Find a way to recognize that is personal and look them in the eye when you thank them.

And stop being a boss. Instead, be a coach deeply involved with your team’s development. Spend more time in this area than in any other area. Maybe even cut back on a meeting or two to spend deliberate time in the coaching space.


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