Why Quitting Is Essential To Success

I was in the second year of a PhD program, studying risk management modeling. And I wanted more. More than a thesis prescribing one model over another, destined for a dusty digital shelf.

So I quit. Officially it was a sabbatical. But I knew I wasn’t going back.

Six months later I sat for the ASP and then the CSP exam. Another year and I’d finish the ARM in an effort to delve deeper into the quantification of risk. Then came CET and CPCU designations.

Mentors cringed and supervisors shook their heads.

But I gained more knowledge and solved more challenges in those three years than in all previous schooling. And I was able to apply it to the professional world around me.

For years, I’d carried a misguided belief that progress in one’s field was linear. Do this, do that, one step at a time.

I was wrong. It’s not linear. Lines are boring and paths are predictable.

Your success may require you to side-step. To quit and start “over there.”


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