Why Safety Experience Is Discounted On The Resume

EHS job postings frequently cite “5 years of construction safety experience preferred”. Sometimes the posting prefers 10 years.

But why not 15, 20, or even 30 years?

One of the first safety managers I met in the business had 35 years in safety. Nearly all of it at one job and at the same location. They’d finished an undergrad degree, attended OSHA courses (years ago), and “almost” taken the CSP exam. They stopped taking OSHA courses 10 years previous because they’d “been to the main ones, it wasn’t worth the time to take them again.”

This person didn’t have 35 years of experience…they had 5 years’ experience repeated 7 times over.

Are you gaining experience or aging in place?

Are you up-leveling your skill set or repeating habits to maintain a steady paycheck?

Are you a better communicator than last year or just a bit more jaded?

How can you improve 1% every single day?

How will you choose your safety experience?


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