Why We Stop Receiving Feedback

“Leaders that cannot be questioned, end up doing questionable things.” Jon Acuff

You used to get feedback. They’d come to you with issues, let you know what was wrong, and whisper to you that a recent decision was actually a terrible idea.

Then it stopped.

Because you fixed it all, right? You did some self-work, went to a seminar, built the perfect process-flow models…and now perfection!

Maybe (not).

Have you given feedback and saw it? That defensive, what is this person talking about, they don’t know what I’m going through, are they even qualified, who do they think they are…”that” face?

Well, you did it too. (When I write “you” I might mean “I”)

Open your mind (and heart) today. You’ve made mistakes before. It’ll happen again. Start small, ask for feedback, and receive it humbly and with appreciation. And grow.

(And to supervisors who do not give deliberate feedback…you’re starving your people of growth and your team of their potential.)

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