Why We Take Action (and what to change first if you’re dissatisfied)

Step on that bathroom scale.

No, really. For this to work you need to feel this…not just read about it.

I’ll wait.

OK, for those of you who really did step on the scale, when you read the number, what did you feel?

Were you satisfied? Dismayed? Happy?

The emotion you felt is controlled by something called a reference point. Like the thermostat in your home, your internal reference point “trips” at a certain point and you take action. In your home, either your air conditioning or heat turn on. In your life you induce change.

Our reference points are all relative. While one person may be elated about a scale that reads 200 lbs, another may panic at that very same number and begin a regime of strict dieting and morning marathons.

Our reference points change. The younger you may have been happy with one number (a lower weight, a lower salary) and the current you is now satisfied with different numbers (a higher weight, a higher salary).

Your company uses reference points. Budgets, quarterly sales and profit goals, students, miles driven…and all change in your company is driven from associated reference points. Makes sense, right?

You too can use reference points. In every area of life, you can change your reference point. From your salary, to your house, to your significant other (careful here), to your profession, to your education level, to your bank account, your reference level dictates your level of achievement and satisfaction.

Now, get off the scale, reset your reference point, and take action.

The scale can only tell you what you weigh; not who you are.” ― Steve Maraboli


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