Why Your Potential May Be Holding You Back

Today is a day of promotion announcement in the Air Force. There is so much potential. Congratulations to those selected!

In physics, potential energy is often depicted as a large stone sitting on top of a mountain. Due to its height, the stone contains potential energy.

Some people go through their entire lives like this rock. They sit on top of the hill, bolstered by reports of their potential, and look at all the things they could do.

Whether they were rock stars in high school, scored in the top 1% on the SAT, held the highest GPA in college, or ran faster than anyone else in their school, these people know what they can do.

But they don’t. They talk and talk about how capable they are, they repeat their (short) list of accomplishments, and regale their audience with tales of what could be.

It’s like carrying your mother’s couch around. You might fool a few people, but the rest know you still sleep on it.

The next time you tell yourself what you could do…stop. Because unless you’re ready to wake up and take action (study, work, run, or otherwise show courage), all you have is potential.

And maybe a couch.


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