Why Your Safety Metrics Plateau

Another annual EHS report. While there are noted reductions in several classifications of injuries, most downward trending lines have leveled off.

You’ve reached a plateau. Welcome to a “mature” safety program. This netherworld is also referred to as “why do we need EHS anymore?”

Here’s how it happened.

If you wish to retire at a reasonable age, you must put aside money. You can concentrate on reducing spending, increasing income, or both.

Traditional EHS focuses on reducing spending. Increasing income, or being on the forefront of business, is seen as “too risky” and a major reason EHS is viewed as a cost versus investment.

Like retirees, we can only reduce spending so much, thus the plateau. To further increase the value of EHS, we must also (and primarily so) be on the “increase income” side of business.

Traditional EHS would have padded the carriage and horse, and ignored Henry Ford’s new idea. They might have also chained Apollo 11 to the launch pad.

Break your plateau by getting out in front of your organization.

Where is your business and industry going and how can you be involved the growth?


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