Would You Change Your Mind?

“The views expressed here do not necessarily represent the unanimous view of all parts of my mind.” – Malcolm McMahon, Bishop of Nottingham

We are daily faced with opinions, facts, studies, research, and arguments that conflict with our held views on subjects. We filter these perspectives through our own experiences and (too frequently) discard what doesn’t fit into our existing framework.

What if you changed your mind? When is the last time you admitted you were wrong about an important subject and had the courage to discard old beliefs in favor of new ones?

Want to try it? Warning: It’s not easy. It can even (psychologically) hurt a little.

If you’re ready, here’s an article from the Oct 16 “Professional Safety”, written by James Loud. Read it with an open mind…and I’ll (again) warn you…you may just change your mind.

Major Risk


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