Would you write yourself a letter?

As a part of a gratitude practice I’ve built into my routine, I hand-write a thank you letter to someone every Monday morning. It helps me remember the truly inspirational people I work with all over the world and makes an outsized impression on the recipient…we just don’t write letters anymore and a note in the mailbox means a lot.

But I’ve never written myself a letter.

Mac Anderson, founder of Successories and author of The Power of Attitude, wrote himself a letter as a freshman at Murray State. Mac had been hired to sell books door-to-door and his dad thought it was a bad idea. His dad didn’t think he could do it. Here’s what Mac wrote:

“Dear Mac,

This is the chance of a lifetime. You’ll find out what you’re made of. Your Dad doesn’t think you can do it. You can prove him wrong. It won’t be easy and I’m sure there will be many times you’ll want to quit. Hang in there and with every fiber of persistence that you can muster.

And at the end of the summer when you look in the mirror…say with pride…I did it.

Make him proud to say, this is my son.”

Mac went go on to rank 7th in the nation that year for sales at the company. And he had shown himself the power of a letter (and in persisting and believing in oneself.)

What letter would you write and what would it say?

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