Yoda Was Wrong (Why We Need People Who Try)

“Do or do not, there is no try”-Yoda

Large organizations build, encourage, and sustain bureaucracy. Bureaucracies build red tape. And whether private, public, federal, state, or non-profit, red tape kills innovation.

But safe work demands innovation. From finding best work practices to leading edge engineering methods, our organizations depend on innovation to thrive and safety to ensure sustainability.

To that end, we need “tryers”. (And no, it’s not a real word…yet.)

Tryers look for solutions instead of shuffling paperwork.

Tryers say “It’s never been done before? Let me try.”

Tryers put principle above status quo.

Tryers find ways to skip, cut, remove, and vacuum up red tape.

Tryers search out and craft profitable solutions to industry challenges.

Tryers tell the world that preventable injuries aren’t acceptable. And try new ways of prevention.

Doing begins by trying.

Try…and do.


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