You are good at your job, but…

My daughter is having an issue at school. She’s nine and the teacher arranges small student work groups to learning activities. But every group my daughter is assigned to work with “isn’t right” for her. The girls are mean, the boys don’t listen, Jack talks too loud, Jennifer said a bad word, etc. Every group.

It must be the school’s fault…the teacher/student ratio is too high! Or the parents’ fault…after all how do you raise children staring at your smart phone? Maybe it’s the teacher’s fault…what are these group things?

Or not.

We have EHS professionals like this too. They are good at the job. Highly technically proficient. Their annual performance reports say so. But every group, business unit, or department they are assigned to has issues. The people don’t understand. Their boss won’t listen. Their peers are distracted. And this new generation is just lazy and self-centered. Every group.

So I’m talking with my daughter…before she thinks she’s good at her job.

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