You Are Not A Cog

Many come into EHS from other professions. From construction, maintenance, operations, and from many other different roles and jobs.

For many new to EHS, there is a sense of loss for completed work. In stark contrast to other fields there is no building to complete, no part to repair or replace, and nothing physical to build or ship.

Some begin to feel like cogs in a giant machine. Like paper pushers, moving files from the left to the right side of the desk. Like a number.

You are not a cog.

Take a walk with me. Let’s head down to the place where they still punch metal and make physical products. Introduce yourself to the first person you see. Shake their hand and pause.

You see that hand? That hand, with its rough callouses and an iron grip, does more than just run the giant bending and punching machine. It holds the hand of his little girl. It writes the check for a deposit on his first house and opens the front door for the first time. It can wave hello, make a fist, and seal a deal.

That hand is there because of you and others like you. You who took the time to research the machine guard that everyone else said was unnecessary and likely impossible. You see, last week that same hand you’re shaking touched that machine guard during a moment of distraction. He’ll never know how lucky he really is.

Continue the walk. Look at their hands, eyes, and legs. Take in their smiles and frowns. Laugh with them and talk with them about their families and their work.

This is all possible because of you.

And you are most certainly not a cog.

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