You are They

You’ve done well. Through hard work and perseverance, you’ve been promoted several times in the past few years.

And you’ve become “they”.

Who are “they”?

They never gave you feedback.

They didn’t understand (or even try to).

They were disconnected from the job.

They sat around and thought up more work for you to do.

They made illogical compromises.

They were politicians without a soul.

And now…you’re one of them (or getting there).

How do you stop this vicious cycle?

Communicate (more).

Give feedback regularly.

Model the emotions you want your team to choose (yes you can choose your emotions).

Talk with your team about the decisions you make.

Teach more, email less.

Never stop communicating the value of your team.

Show up as a student more than the expert.

Maybe you’re not “they” yet…maybe there is time to save your soul.

Now’s the time to decide.


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