You Cannot Want It More

You’ve talked with them. Helped sort out a plan going forward. Maybe gave some advice on what worked for you (and what didn’t.) You connected them to other people and with resources to go after that goal, dream, or project.

It failed. And they didn’t attain the goal. They didn’t listen. Didn’t take the advice. Didn’t follow the plan.


Because it is not about the plan, the advice or the resources. Those are the “how”. It’s not about the “how”. It’s about the “why”.

You achieved what you did because of your “why”…not the “how”.

You cannot want it more than they do. And you do (or might)…which leads to frustration (for both of you.)

You want to help…really help?

Spend time asking questions about their “why”. And when it becomes clear to them…when the “why” is in sharp focus…the “how” falls in line.

You cannot want it more than they do.

What is their why?

What is yours?




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