You Don’t Have It

It’s a big deal, that thing you want to do. You may have wanted it your whole life or the idea may have started a few months ago. You are right…it would change everything and it is important.

But you’re not ready.

You don’t have the time or the money or the experience or the talent or the wisdom or the discipline or the lifestyle or the confidence.

But you do have a piece of paper.

Write your “it”, your thing, at the top. And under it write what you don’t have…every single thing stopping you (time, etc.). There are at least a couple, right?

Now cross each one off. Really…scribble each one out. Because people with less than you will begin this morning. People with less talent, time, money, and education will begin your dream. And along the way they’ll learn what they need to…and they’ll win.

Take a picture of your piece of paper and make it your smart phone background. Put it on your bathroom mirror. Put it on your computer monitor. Put it in your car. Put it everywhere.

You have everything you need. Begin today.

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