You Don’t Need a Culture Survey (Just Look At This)

There is a lot promised by a culture of safety. Articles reference building a safety culture, books promise cultural assessment tools and techniques, and speakers offer the top five ways to embed a culture of safety.

Maybe some of it works.


In an interview with New York Times columnist Adam Bryant, Tae Hea Nahm, managing director of venture capital firm Storm Ventures, summed up cultural assessment in four simple sentences.

No matter what people say about culture, it’s all tied to who gets promoted, who gets raises and who gets fired,” he said. “You can have your stated culture, but the real culture is defined by compensation, promotions and terminations. Basically, people seeing who succeeds and fails in the company defines culture. The people who succeed become role models for what’s valued in the organization, and that defines culture.”

That’s it. Who gets promoted, who gets raises, and who gets fired.

What does your culture say now?

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