You Don’t Need That Shiny New Safety Tool

Tom Rath, author of “Are You Fully Charged”, cites a study which found people meet much of their needs and wants (i.e. happiness) with the first $40K of salary. Their happiness steadily increases until $75K, but thereafter only increases slightly but not significantly.

This conflicts with most people’s views. Many feel they need “only” 5-10% more salary to be “really happy.”

The research finds that this simply isn’t true.

What about your safety program? Like those who need 5-10% more salary to be happy, are you telling yourself that you need just one more program, one more consultant, one more investigation tool to really make your employees safe?

What if instead, you concentrated on the basics of safe work, hazard assessments and proven risk control measures?

Too often the search for the latest and greatest pulls us away from real work…real change.

Remember the basics. In the end, they matter much more than the shiny new safety tool.


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