You Forgot Your What?

He walked quickly, with his head and eyes down, nearly jogging the last 20 yards.

I watched him walk toward the building entrance from across the parking lot. He saw me and quickly explained. He’d left his military uniform hat on the kitchen table. He said the car battery had died, his wife was out-of-town, and it was the first day of school.

In EHS we deal in the people business. We may layer the people with a system…but we deal in people. When we see people act in a way that conflicts with our own values or the values of the organization, we tend to question their character. Maybe we think words like…lazy, incompetent, or even careless.

Yet when we act in the very same way, we “know” the reason was circumstance. Our supplier was late, the training was incorrect, the part was faulty, etc.

Next time you find yourself questioning character…infer circumstance.

They’ll appreciate the benefit of the doubt. And adjust their circumstance.

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