You Shouldn’t See The Top

Stand at the base of the Washington Monument and look straight up. You cannot see the top. Its design curves slightly inward, moving the pinnacle just out of sight.

It’s like success.

No matter how clear your goals are, no matter your drive and motivation, if you’re headed in the right direction, you shouldn’t see the top. Your path appears to go over the horizon. Anything else is much too close and easily within your grasp.

At that same place at the Monument, if you look down, you will see the grass. There is no disappearing horizon, and the end is quite clear.

When you look out at your future today, what do you see? Do you see a disappearing top, with infinite possibility? Or do you see a clearly-defined end (like the grass)?

Goals should be clear. But where they’ll lead you is far from known. If fact, if you see the top…you may just be looking at the grass.

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