Your Career as a Solar Eclipse

The 2017 total eclipse in North America is over.

The difference between a partial and total eclipse is just a few degrees of solar position. But the experience between being in the path of the total eclipse and just outside of it is the difference between seeing the sun set in the middle of the sky and one where not much happens at all. (I was in Colorado that day, out of the path, and the change in light was barely visible.)

Most vocations, careers, and jobs are experienced as partial eclipses. Planes are flown. Processes accomplished. People are managed. Profits are made and losses incurred. And life goes on.

Then there are the few that work differently.

They’ve clarified their purpose, spent time with their “why”, found meaning in the present and in their path, and (like the total eclipse) those few degrees of difference mean everything. People like Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln, Anne Frank, and Mohandas Gandhi burned with clarified purpose. Although many others took similar paths, without clarity the difference is, like the partial eclipse, like night and day.

What are you doing and why? What are you about?

Answering these questions is the real work that a life spent in pursuit of everyone else’s dreams distracts from.

Because the difference between eclipses (and people) isn’t that one simply tried harder. It’s a matter of alignment.

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