Your Future: No Crystal Ball Needed-Just This One Thing

You do not need a crystal ball to see your future (or the future of the organization you touch every day).

Look at one thing.

How do you approach challenges? How do you respond when something is difficult?

There are two mindsets in life, according to Dr. Carol Dweck. One that sees talent, ability and intelligence as “fixed” and the other that sees these qualities as incremental or, to use Dweck’s word, “growth”.  Read more in her book “Mindset”.

Those with a growth mindset believe that talent and ability can be developed. They work hard despite setbacks. That learning comes from failure. That obstacles aren’t challenges to you personally.

Most important: there is nothing you are fundamentally incapable of doing or accomplishing. There is nothing wrong with you. You can learn, be, do, and improve. And so can those around you that you touch.

No crystal ball. Just challenges. How you approach them determines everything.

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