Your Personal Board of Directors

Companies have boards of directors. Directors advise, counsel, lead, provide perspective, and guide. Some directors are active, others take a more passive role, but each brings experience and unique strengths to the company.

Having a mentor is OK. Have a board of directors is better.

When you have a mentor, you grow for a time period, usually in a very specific way. When you have a board, you have a variety of perspectives on various areas in your life.

A director can be someone you know already, a person you reach out to, a book, or even a blog or podcast. (For more on mentoring sources, check out Michael Hyatt’s link below.)

Here’s how I run my own board of directors:

I have directors in the areas of EHS and business (three people I know and trust), personal finance (three books and five blogs), family (two people), spiritual (two people and three podcasts), and the military (two people and two books). I consult frequently with these directors/resources on matters within their area of expertise. And I thank them regularly.

Who is on your board today? Who is there that shouldn’t be? What perspective are you lacking and where could you find it?

More on mentoring sources from Michael Hyatt here.


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