You’re being unrealistic (thank you!)

“If people aren’t laughing at your dreams…then they aren’t big enough!”

― Grayson Marshall

In 5 years I’d like for every Air Force safety professional to either be working on or already have a CSP certification.

And it’s unrealistic. You see, five years ago, there were no active-duty Airmen with a CSP. Today, there are 5 Airmen with CSPs, 6 with ASPs, and 25 (at last count) going through a preparation course. And in the Guard and Reserve, there are even more with the certifications. But we’re far from “every safety professional”.

Every idea, vision, and dream starts out as “unrealistic”.

*We didn’t walk on the moon (until we did)

*We didn’t fly through the air in a machine (until we did)

*We didn’t get rid of segregation in our schools and military (until we did)

So when they laugh at your dreams…thank them.

Because they reminded you you’re on the right path.

Be unrealistic.


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